About us

Galingas NL

Galingas.nl has settled by assembling knowledge about information technology and attraction to automobiles.

Since 1998, after successful activities in different fields, we decided to associate our hobbies with work. We are not pioneers in this field, otherwise, Galingas.lt was first in Vilnius to offer high quality chip tuning services become affordable to average facility customer. Strong wish of perfection together with our customers remains every day.


(Engine Controlling Unit) – electronic control unit that controls a system of actuators on an modern combustion engine to ensure optimal engine performance.


Optimize the process of the modern engine’s operations in order to achieve greater performance, power and lower emissions.


Every modern vehicle has quite significant power and torque margin between software set power and actual capability of the engine. Manufacturer deliberately reserves this gap for future modifications in order to have something new to offer without actually designing new engine. Key software modifications include adjustments of turbo charger, fuel injection, timing, pressure, torque limiters etc.



Average power performance solution increases power by 20-30%. More than 30% power increase is custom job and requires time and additional information. 

Where does the fuel economy comes from? Driving in normal conditions fuel consumption is reduced by up to 15% (average 8 – 10% ) – higher torque limit and more effective torque formation provides opportunity to reach this goal.



Additional power and torque – this is the result of good quality chip tuning. With this modification you gain savings on fuel consumption, but always have that extra power reserve just when you need it most.

Standard performance package usually costs less than amount saved on fuel in first 25 000 – 50 000km.